Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Norwegian Couture - Scandinavian design with couture flares!

The Oslo-based menswear brand, Norwegian Couture, is currently
presenting a new mini-collection during the Oslo fashion week. All their
suits and blazers are offered on a “made to measure”- bases from various
brand stores, and founder Johannes Marseth has great hopes for the new
lounge.  The brand offers clothes with an edgy design, often with hints
from the designers Norwegian heritage, and this collection also consist
of various accessories.  The brand´s signature piece, a blazer with
coloured stripes, is a classic piece that appeals to men who like to
dress to make a subtle statement. This is also the essence of the brand.
All pieces are classic, made out of quality materials and yet highly
fashionable. Together with designer, Nina Welde Friberg, Marseth has
taken the brand from an idealistic idea back in 2011 to a brand that now
is securely rooted in the Norwegian Fashion industry. 

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